This site is in the process of being re-designed. You can still use the Contact link to reach Reina via email or you can visit her listing on Reverbnation. We don't know how long the re-design will take, so please come back to see how we're doing. Thanks for visiting and we'll see you down the road!

"Reina Collins brings a lifetime of living and loving to her big voiced, big hearted performance. Whether fronting a down home ensemble or strutting it up with her big rock act, Collins evokes comparisons to a charismatic chorus of brethren. From the edgy humanity of Patti Smith to the cool western suave of Chris Isaak to the introspective songwriting of Carole King, Collins' talent is deep and broad enough to recall all of these, while laying claim to a sound that is uniquely her own."
Lisa Lepine, ProMOTION Queen, Portland, Oregon

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